Friday, January 23, 2015

SearchAMP Social Marketing

Online business marketing has become social.  From the small business to the enterprise, companies are learning to leverage social media as a avenue to build brands, online and mobile traffic, and long term customer loyalty.  Prospects and customers are communicating about products and services online and today's CMO understands the value of social media.

Inc. Magazine just released an article on customer engagement, where Mark Cuban defines the value of social media as a medium which not only drives value of customer engagement, but defines individual and brand identities through the relationships built and maintained in social media. 

“Every person you retweet, repin, repost, renote and regram on social media defines who you are, and there are applications now that are collecting every bit of that and creating profiles about you. That is going to be used not just by online companies." 
-- Mark Cuban

@Julieannross tweeted the post and the quote is found on Facebook @RostinVentures
A fellow Dallas, Texas resident would agree that your offline and online reputation is defined by who you associate with.

In the good nature of that argument, we will dedicate this new blog to those in the marketing space who lead the pack in social media marketing.  SocialAMP Marketing will feature strategic plans to engage the consumer through social markets.

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