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What is Inspiring Social Trends in Search Marketing?

Is social engagement increasing search marketing value?  There is no doubt that social engagement is up.  Business to Consumer and B2B marketing managers are utilizing social media to engage customers, benefiting from increased social media communities and consumers interacting in social media.  In an effort to research engaging images and videos. We began with a review of 2014 Google search trends.
The Social Marketing Circle #socialmarketingcircle members follow +Interesting Things to research trends of image engagement.    The account holder on Google+ is using the account to show interesting things, gain followers, and promote ideas, products and services of affiliate products.  The use of social media in this case goes far beyond the average account holder on Google+ and demonstrates an extraordinary use of social media as an affiliate channel.  We reviewed the following images.  How many views, shares, likes +1s does each image have? 

What images are consumers responding to?

This image received over a million views.  Take a look at the following images, shared in social media.  Note we have placed alt tags to associate images with the social account holders, in an effort to give credit to social collaboration.  However the images are public domain, as they are posted and shared in social media.

Does image engagement increase search marketing value?  Yes, absolutely.  When you use relevant terms to title images to define them in search.  Use .alt tags and descriptions!!

Eventhough this image has over a million views on Google +, the account holder is not getting credit for it in Google search.  WHY? 
With over 120,000 followers and 450 Million views on images, shouldn't the header image of the profile rank on google images under interesting things?  The profile owner has titled the image interesting things and the associated twitter profile is also titled interesting things.  Why would Google not show associated value to this account holder's profile in search engine results?

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</script><title itemprop="name">Interesting Things - Google+</title><meta property="og:title" content="Interesting Things - Google+"><meta name="twitter:title" content="Interesting Things - Google+">

In the following Google Search on Shark Kayak, in an effort to find the story from September 2014 on the shark attack of kayakers off the NE US coast, we found this image of Thomas Peschak Photography, effectively using .alt tags to promote images on the ocean reportage conservation photography website.
The most prominant search result on Google web, via a Dallas Texas search on "shark kayak" is credited to Images and Thomas Peschak.  The second search result links to his website under a page titled True Story Thomas P Peschak.

The third result notes the Boston "shark kayak" anticipated result, with thousands of associated Press and News links.

There are images on the page, which provides links to associated topics and events associated with the "true story" photograph.  This page has anchor text category links, but very little on page text and no text using the keywords "shark kayak"   However the associated anchor text terms do include separate anchor text associated with Kayak and others on Shark.  Notice we have alt text on these images giving credit to the original owner and artist:  "Shark Kayak Thomas Peschak"

 Shark Kayak Thomas Peschak

The metadata show us relevant best practices in SEO <meta name="description" content="Thomas P. Peschak is a contributing photographer to National Geographic Magazine and a fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers." />

Although this image has only recieved 6600+ views on Google+ posts, According to SEMRush, the website has over 1000 visitors a month, associated with this image, due to external links, relevant social media marketing and SEO SEM for the topics in .alt text, anchor text, and metadata placement.
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