Monday, March 2, 2015

Proactive Brand Reputation Strategies to Prevent Negative PR

Proactive online reputation management for PR planning should including strategies to monitor employee conversation within social media.  Online brands are defined by consumer conversation within social media communities these days, to include comments on Twitter, Google+, Facebook posts and images placed on Instagram and Pinterest.

Google your brand name.  Place #Vegas next to that name within the search bar.  What do you see? There are millions of references to #Vegas within search results to include comments, posts, and images of employees. 

Social results reveal those online conversations about your brand to employees' friends who also may be searching online for your brand.

We posted the content found in this search result today.  Within hours, it was ranking on the first page of search results under #Vegas.  Business events associated with brands, company trips, comments about individual activities are all ranked in search.  The  good and bad reputation is formed through these conversations in social media.  Immediate results are found in search.

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