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SEO SEM Trends for 2015

Trends in SEM and SEO continue to evolve in 2015.  A good marketing strategy will focus on both search engine optimization and search engine marketing in order to promote a brand and produce leads. 2015 advertising strategies are evolving, and a savvy marketer will look ahead to anticipate changes in trends. By understanding some of the biggest issues for SEO and SEM, you will be ahead of the competitors this year.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends for 2015
2015 SEO trends
While social media is becoming increasingly popular in marketing, search engine optimization is still essential. In 2015, SEO trends are becoming more complex, and there are numerous strategies that businesses should consider when developing their marketing plans.

Earned Links

In 2015, earned links are going to be more profitable than paid media in terms of SEO. Paid media is using a third party to gain exposure or advertise, such as placing ads via promoted tweets, Google AdWords, or banner displays. Unfortunately, paid link schemes are a good way to get your site penalized for SEO.  The key will be to gain earned links  to rank in search results. Earned media occurs when others talk about your business or share your content, and a good SEO strategy will focus on earning high-quality links.

Mobile Search Optimization

According to Google, half of all searches done on mobile devices have local intent, meaning the user is searching for a business or company in order to make a local, in-store purchase. A Smartphone acts as a personal computer that your customers can carry in their purses or pockets, and search engines like Google are considering using the mobile experience that a website provides in order to determine search ranking. In November 2014, the website launched mobile-friendly labels, and it is currently experimenting with ranking boosts to reward these sites. Businesses should consider this potential development in their marketing strategy for 2015.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Trends for 2015

SEM trends are changing constantly, as search engines refine algorithyms for search.  Businesses are looking for innovative ways to get their brand noticed by potential customers, and constantly researching trends for SEM, to maintain ranking in search and brand presence among highly active markets. Search engines are adjusting continuously so that the playing field remains competitive, and 2015 is no different. A variety of new trends are on the horizon, and businesses need to shift their SEM strategies if they intend to keep up.

Location-based Mobile Ads

People are more commonly using their mobile devices in order to do online searches, and a good business
mobile search trends 2015
will take advantage of this opportunity. Location-based mobile ads can be a great way for brands to reach out to this market, including app-installed ads and location-targeted search ads.

Real-Time Marketing Campaigns

The world of social media, instantaneous search results, and immediate feedback has left consumers with short attention spans. Businesses will need to utilize real-time marketing campaigns to provide potential customers with instant results and short lead times in order to capture the attention of digital consumers.

Utilizing Various Search Engines

While Google is arguably the most popular search engine and is the leader in click-through rates, Yahoo’s Bing actually develops higher-quality leads that generate more revenue. In order to run a successful SEM strategy in 2015, marketing strategies will need to allocate their advertisement budget to several search engines rather than putting all of their money into Google.


Over 70% of consumers expect to receive a personalized experience from the businesses that they deal with. A successful company with an effective SEM strategy will focus on using consumer data to provide real-time and relevant experiences that are tailored to the individual. This strategy will provide better results than using an approach of “one size fits all.” 

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